Essential Central Heating

Our one-day introductory workshop provides an overview of the technical principles, design, and installation of central heating systems.  The programme is ideal for individuals who are wishing to know more about central heating and its market potential. 

Course Delivery

Visual presentations are made on all the topics, and are reinforced with hands on experience of all the hardware, including working heat sources. Copies of all the presentations and related literature will be provided in a folder. 

Course Outline

  • Central Heating Main Principles

    • Heat generation
    • Heat emitters
    • Heat distribution
    • Controls
  • Design Process

    • Heat loss and sizing
    • Design outputs
  • Heat Sources and Their Characteristics

    • Design Implications
    • Installation
  • Underfloor Heating

    • Types
    • General design issues
    • General installation issues
  • Radiators

    • Types
    • General design issues
    • General installation issues
  • Controls

    • What they do
    • General practice
  • CHNZ Services and Processes

    • Catalogue
    • Website resource
    • Design services


  • Prerequisites None
  • Who should attend Salespeople, Designers, Installers, Merchants, Architects

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