Our Company

After living in London during the 80s and 90s, brothers Lewis and Lyall Smith returned to New Zealand with Irish wives and realised to their disbelief, the severe lack of comfort and warmth in existing, but also strangely, new Kiwi homes.

Compared with the UK where every single home (including dingy rentals) were heated evenly and completely with total convenience by warm water central heating, Kiwi’s did not know that they were living miserably in their home...how could they - never having experienced the difference.


So, the brothers and their wives rolled up their sleeves, unleashed their mechanical and entrepreneurial backgrounds, and began to build and satisfy a demand for better and more efficient heating that heats the whole home. There was no shortage of people liking the concept, but there were some hurdles in changing generational thinking and life priorities.

Their vision to transform the way Kiwi’s think about comfort in their homes with warm water central heating has inspired them ever since and continues to be the driving force behind the company. Along the way since 2001, a group of passionate, likeminded people has joined them in their quest and made up the team that is Central Heating New Zealand.

The brother’s upbringing and view on life instilled a series of core values that shaped how the company operates and has formed a strong team: – A total belief in what we are doing, constant innovation, honest and upfront, hard workers, and pride in delighting the customer. Customers and suppliers are treated to these core beliefs and staff are motivated to live them daily.

Warm water central heating has become a popular choice for Kiwi homes and businesses and is continuing to grow with large industry players joining the crusade for better, all home heating.

Everything we do at Central Heating New Zealand is shaped by our core values