Underfloor Installation

Register now to secure your space at one of our most popular workshops.  Attendees will learn how to design and install an underfloor heating system run from a hydronic heat pump. 

Course Delivery

Our tutors help attendees design then install a real-life underfloor heating system. Attendees take away a step-by-step manual with photographs and diagrams. 

Course Outline

Attendees will be able to try out a range of tools available for installing underfloor systems.

  • Theory

    • Introduction to underfloor warm water heating systems
    • Underfloor heating compliance issues
    • Key design aspects of underfloor heating systems
    • Underfloor heating system control
  • Practical

    • Lay primary pipes
    • Marking out pipe laying area
    • Pipe laying methods
    • Repairing damaged pipes
    • Pressure testing
    • Installing a manifold
    • Connect pipes to manifold
    • Commissioning warm-water underfloor systems


  • Prerequisites None
  • Who should attend Installers

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