Tiffany Radiator




Iconic radiator with a vintage taste that becomes the protagonist of its space. Totally made of cast iron and decorated with brass-plated valves, Tiffany is a radiator with a generous size that, thanks to its native material, creates a pleasant atmosphere of constant warmth and widespread warmth. The attention to detail is absolute and is reflected in the richness of its decorations and in the sinuosity of its shape.

A world of shapes, colours and sensations

Assembling cast iron elements, attention to detail, unique style: Tiffany is a radiator that does not accept compromises. Its exuberant personality adds character to every room.

Sets brand new standards with its 50 different colours

Thanks to its wide range of colour variations, Tiffany can match any style: from classic and elegant, to the most original contemporary look.

Tiffany Radiator image