Heat Sources

Nuvola Duo-tec+ Storage Combi


  • Output 33kW
  • DHW Output 33kW
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 950 x 600 x 466
  • Model 33 GA
  • Weight 67.5kg


Boasting the same industry-leading technology as the Duo-tec, the Nuvola combi gas boiler is a welcome addition to the Baxi range offered by Central Heating New Zealand. 

  •  1:7 gas valve modulation ratio
  •  Market-leading 5 year warranty
  •  Gas Adaptive Control (GAC) system: combustion automatic control to maintain constantly the highest level of efficiency
  •  Stainless steel 45 lt cylinder
  •  High DHW performances: up to 500lt in 30mins (delta T 30 degrees) or 18.9l/min (unrestricted flow) @ 25°C rise.
  •  33kW heat output for domestic hot water
  •  Requires external room controller (e.g. BXDTGAPT)

Baxi Combi boilers come with a fill valve to enable top up of the heating circuit. Some councils require this connection to be removed during consenting. To enable compliance with this the installer may need to blank it off. 

Nuvola Duo-tec+ Storage Combi image


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