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Heat Sources

Enviromax Condensing NZ



Central Heating New Zealand is delighted to launch a new diesel boiler specifically designed for New Zealand conditions. Firebird have supplied Central heating New Zealand with diesel boilers since we commenced business, over 17 years ago. During this time over 7000 boilers have been installed in the New Zealand market.These boilers are easy to install, commission and service, have a wider operating tolerance and are environmentally green.The most exciting change is the launch of the Elco blue flame technology burner. Elco have manufactured burners in Italy for over 90 years and pride themselves on quality and innovation. The Elco Blue Burner is technically superior, has wider operating tolerance and reliability.

These condensing boilers have increased efficiency when compared to the standard models.

  • Modulating self priming circulating pump
  • Serviceable AAV with non return valve
  • Efficiency up to 98% net
  • 5-year warranty
  • FB90NZG
  • FB90NZG
  • Output: 26kW
  • Output: 35kW


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