Dosing Pot

  • Warranty 10 Years
  • Volume 13.5L
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 920 x 320 x 220
  • Max Pressure 10 Bar
  • Material Stainless Steel


For convenient dosing of hydronic systems with inhibitor. Complete with Air Vent and isolation Valves.

Dosing pots are required in order to feed liquid chemicals such as Fernox corrosion inhibitors into closed systems.

The chemical dosing pots consist of a stainless steel vessel with inlet (return) and outlet (flow) valves, a drain valve and a filling valve. A steel tundish, air release valve, wall mounting brackets and a non-return valve.

Closed re-circulating water systems (chilled or hot water) can be simply dosed on a regular/manual basis by use of these dosing pots. Fitted across flow and return lines, they provide a means to annex a portion of the system water which can be drained away and replaced with the chemical to be dosed. When re-connected to the system, the chemical is flushed through.

The dosing pots are fitted with large 1" valves, which ensure quick and easy action of the pot even in low flow/pressure conditions. An air vent valve enables the pot to be purged during filling thus eliminating undesirable air ingress to the system. A NRV check valve is fitted into the fill line below the tundish.

Clear Advantage of Stainless over Carbon Steel

  • Extensively more resistant to oxidation by water and biocides, therefore NO contribution to sludge and aeration.
  • Increased oxygen through aeration causes carbon steel to corrode, however stainless steel will NOT corrode.
  • Smooth stainless surfaces offer low adhesion of deposits and therefore sludge and magnetite is easily washed and removed 100%.
  • Stainless is inert in water offering better quality water resulting in minimal bacterial slime, low energy consumption and low cleaning costs.


Talk with our engineers to discuss your dosing pot requirements.

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