Slim Inverter 800 Fan Coil


  • Optional Feet
  • Output 6880W
  • Dimensions 597 x 1297 x 129
  • SKU #:FCOSLP800


The new Olimpia Slim Bi2 SL+ fan coil unit is only 130mm deep and features the latest Italian style. Fan coil units can run off low temperature water and consequently are often used in conjunction with hot water heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps. High temperature heat sources can also be used.


  • Touch flat design built-in control kit
  • Back-lit display with desired temperature visualization, real-touch switches, mode of operation and fan speed selection
  • Control with adjustable thermostat, fan speed selection (summer, winter, automatic) and ventilation program
  • minimum water sensor function











Slim Inverter 800 Fan Coil image


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