Ducted Air Conditioner / Heat Pump



For simple multi-room cooling the Rinnai Ducted system enables hidden installation for full cooling, heating and dehumidifying solution. The indoor unit is located in the ceiling space and ducting from this to outlets in multiple rooms enables the flow and return of conditioned air. The Outdoor and indoor units connected via refrigerant pipes. Wi-Fi enabled app for iOS and Android control. We can assist with design and supply of ducting and accessories.

  • Controlled temperature of multiple spaces
  • Ideal for upstairs bedrooms
  • Compliment underfloor heating comfort
  • Wi-Fi app control


Includes outdoor unit (heat pump), indoor unit (distributor) and controller. Ducting and additional accessories excluded in price.

  • HPRID8.2
  • HPRID8.2
  • HPRID8.2
  • HPRID8.2
  • Output: 8.2kW
  • Output: 10.6kW
  • Output: 14.4kW
  • Output: 17.3kW