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Diesel Boiler

Variotherm Wall 550x400

For 40 years, Austrian company Variotherm, have been obsessed with finding ways to improve the comfort for building occupants. Central Heating New Zealand have been partners since 2012 and were proud to host them in New Zealand for a series of one hour presentations around the country in February.

Alexander Watzek, Variotherms’ Guru on perfecting thermal comfort, explained why surface heating and cooling is the way of the future for premium comfort and eco sustainability as well as other benefits over forced air refrigerant based systems in residential and commercial buildings.

Event Background

Central Heating New Zealand is partnering with Firebird and Elco to bring you a full evening event, jam-packed with cutting-edge technology, educative thought leadership and product innovation. Targeted at plumbers wishing to get into the central heating industry and incumbent installers wanting to improve their product knowledge, the evening promises to be both fun and informative.

Taking pride of place will be the first diesel boiler designed specifically for the New Zealand market. The brainchild is the result of a three-year, three-way conversation between Central Heating New Zealand, Firebird and Elco. The new boiler has the exacting Firebird patent heat exchanger, updated casing and internal component arrangement as well as the latest burner technology from Elco, Central Heating New Zealand’s new burner supplier. 

Fondly known as the “Elco Blue” by all due to its patented combustion head, Firebird’s latest offering boasts extremely low NOx emissions and outstanding reliability. The boiler has been endorsed by numerous environmental agencies including Europe’s Energy Saving Trust and OFTEC.

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